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Restoring Mobility,
Rekindling Sensation

NerveRepack: Intelligent neural system
for bidirectional connection with exoprostheses and exoskeleton
Robotic Hand

NerveRepack will pioneering neural interfaces for enhanced mobility and sensations.

Hence, we propose the development of a new generation of bidirectional implantable electrodes connecting the human nervous system with external mechatronic aid devices such as exoskeletons and exoprostheses, thus helping people with arm amputations or leg paralysis regain their motor and sensorial functions. This will lead to a new generation of prostheses controlled by the patient’s brain via the nervous system and will change the paradigm of support for people with disabilities. Moreover, we expect this will have an important social, economic, medical, and technological impact, driving advances in miniaturization, wireless communication and power supply, progresses in medical microsurgery tools and methods, and new biocompatible materials.

Restore Mobility

Limb use loss drastically decreases mobility. Out new prostheses will allow amputees and patients with lower limb paralysis to move closer to how they did before.

Advancing Medical Technology

between technology and biology is another aim of the project. We will advance both knowledge about the peripheral nervous system and how implants can interface with it.

Restoring Sensation

Current protheses allow some restoration of mobility, however those protheses do not feel as part of your body. We address this by aiming to match the sensations from the protheses to your old neural pathways.

Quality of Life

This all aims to improve the lives of the often-overlooked amputees and paralyzed patients. By using our devices, we hope they gain the functionality they had before their accident.

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Our Impact in Numbers







1 mil

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